Evan Dorsky

Sliding Bedside Shelf

Mechanical design, woodworking

Winter 2018

Smart Outlet

Product design, electrical engineering

I worked on a team of Olin students with Ivani, an IoT startup. We explored new markets for their low-power presence sensing technology, developed a prototype of an outlet-based power monitor, and filed a provisional patent.

Spring 2016

Spaceteam Penny Arcade

System integration, embedded software

I worked on a team to build an arcade cabinet based on the cooperative smartphone game Spaceteam. Each player receives commands at their console, which has a suite of buttons, switches, and sliders. Many commands received at one console can only be completed at another. Players must communicate these commands to each other (often by shouting) to pilot their spaceship for as long as they can.

Spring 2016

Inverted Pendulum

Control theory, mechanical design, embedded software

I worked with a partner to design a rotary inverted pendulum. We built the physical system, characterized it to inform a model, and used the model to design a digital feedback control system to keep the pendulum inverted.

Spring 2015

Stereo Audio Amplifier

Integrated circuit design and layout

I worked on a team to design an integrated audio amplifier with digital gain control. We specified the layout down to the shape, size, and positioning of each transistor across all the silicon and metal layers. After duplicating the circuit to make our amplifier "stereo", there was still more than enough room left on the die for our faces.

Spring 2015

Practical EE




Principles of Engineering

Intro EE Courses

Course designer, instructor

Spring 2016
Course designer, instructor

Spring 2015
Course assistant

Fall 2016
Peer tutor

Spring 2016
Course assistant

Fall 2015
Course assistant

Fall 2013 - Fall 2016

Olin Chamber Ensemble

Founding member, violinist, violist

Spring 2014 - Spring 2016

Olin Conductorless Orchestra

Navigator, violinist, violist

Fall 2012 - Spring 2016

Musical Pit Orchestra

Violinist, violist

Fall 2008 - Spring 2012


Michael G. LaFosse

Winter 2016

Dollar Koi Fish

Won Park

Winter 2016

New Kawasaki Rose

Toshikazu Kawasaki